Why Quick Daily Workouts Work

Who do you think will become a better piano player: the person who practices intensely for five-hours straight once a month, or the person who practices 10 minutes every day?

This is how exercise is like playing the piano. The more frequently we exercise, the better our bodies respond.

20-minute workouts keep you healthy without compromising your immune system.

That hour-long spinning / kickboxing / super-intense class could make you sicker and weaker.

People who exercise too little or too much have a higher risk of infection.

People who exercise too little or too much have a higher risk of infection. Source

We’ve described the “J-curve” in an earlier post:

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 2.02.20 PM

Exercise is a form of hygiene, like brushing your teeth. Like tooth brushing, it should be quick and painless, but effective. A great routine is:

  • easy to adhere to
  • takes little time
  • requires no equipment or specialized clothes
  • can be done throughout your life
  • reduces likelihood of injury
  • helps you achieve an energetic, long, and pain-free life
Students performed best on cognitive tests after 20 minutes of exercise.

Students performed best on cognitive tests after 20 minutes of exercise. Source

20-Minute workouts may make you smarter.

Researchers at National Taiwan Sport University find in this fascinating study that students exercising for 20 minutes scored best on cognitive tests measuring reaction time and accuracy.

No one knows exactly why the body thrives with 20-minutes of activity, but from the immune system to muscles to the mind, the body loves that increment.

Power 20 apps are healthy, safe, and brief exercise routines. Here’s how to use them:

By alternating between various Power 20 apps, you’ll have access to 55 – 75 distinct routines, depending on whether you start with the Beginners workout or not. Here’s the schedule:

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 2.29.07 PMStart with the appropriate level.

If you haven’t exercised in some time, start with the Beginner’s Workout. Even then you can expect to feel sore the next day, so for the first week, use Power 20 just 3 days a week and try to sleep 30 – 60 minutes longer than usual that week.

While you’re getting back into shape, you’ll want to get as much rest as possibly. You need rest to see results. See the infographic about recovery below. (Source)

Recovery Infographic2 (450x1125)

Then start switching it up.

Once you’ve finished the first week with just three days, then jump right into the 7-day routine.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are Full Body Workout days. Tuesday is Butt day, and Thursday is Arms & Chest. On Saturday and Sunday do just one round of the 7-minute workout.

Expect to feel results in the first week.

You’ll get stronger after just one week of exercise and adequate sleep. The first 30% of your strength improvement happens when your brain learns to recruit more muscles to do a movement.

You’ll start to see results that include more firm muscles and an improved hip-to-waist ratio after 6 weeks, and those become more pronounced still after 3 months.

Lasting, dramatic change happens in the kitchen.

To truly transform your body, upgrade your diet to be whole food, plant based. This means eating lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and legumes every day. We write about this here and offer advice about food here.

Do this and you will see dramatic changes to your body within 6 months. You will lose weight. Your skin will glow. You will be stronger and you will be happier.


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