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Update Your Power 20 Apps Now

Have you downloaded the most recent version of Power 20? In January 2016 we made it easier to record your workouts, made the app launch faster, and reduced the amount of memory it takes up on your device. Log in with your Facebook account. There’s no need to create a username or remember a password. Power 20 uses a one-click… Read more →

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Why Quick Daily Workouts Work

Who do you think will become a better piano player: the person who practices intensely for five-hours straight once a month, or the person who practices 10 minutes every day? This is how exercise is like playing the piano. The more frequently we exercise, the better our bodies respond. 20-minute workouts keep you healthy without compromising your immune system. That… Read more →

What we’re doing here at Power 20

  Here at Power 20 we’re working to build the best-in-class apps for every genre of content-based exercise apps. We’re constantly improving on our simple formula for guiding people through workouts. We deliver the best possible workout given the medium people are using. Every user should have a good experience with Power 20, even if it’s their first time using… Read more →

New iOS Versions Released This Week

New versions of Power 20 apps are being released over the next two weeks, with the first completed app being the Power 20 Fitness Trainer Pro (the full-body workout). The new Power 20 Apps are all being upgraded to work perfectly with the iPad and Mini, and has new features that help build the Power 20 community. For the first… Read more →