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Test Your Fitness With This 4-Minute Challenge

See how you compare to others your age by testing your pushup and squat skills. Start with pushups. The pushup is a time-honored full-body exercise, which is why it’s used by drill sergeants and gym teachers around the world. The men’s pushup. Your body should be as straight as a plank and with your knees off the ground. Start with… Read more →

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Why Quick Daily Workouts Work

Who do you think will become a better piano player: the person who practices intensely for five-hours straight once a month, or the person who practices 10 minutes every day? This is how exercise is like playing the piano. The more frequently we exercise, the better our bodies respond. 20-minute workouts keep you healthy without compromising your immune system. That… Read more →


How Daily 20-Minute Workouts Can Change You For The Better

Our bodies benefit from almost any amount of exercise. But when it comes to the optimal amount, research indicates that 20-minutes is sufficient to improve and maintain great health, which is why Power 20 created a suite of exercise apps featuring 20-minute exercise routines. But how often should one do these routines?  Workout with Power 20 five days a week. To get… Read more →


Best Tools For Keeping A Food Diary

If you find yourself struggling to make healthful choices most of the time when it comes to eating, keeping track of your food intake might help.  A 2008 study of 1,700 overweight or obese participants found that the more participants kept track of their food intake using a food diary, the more weight they lost. As a written record of… Read more →

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Yes, You Should Exercise While Pregnant

Many of us think of pregnancy as a time to rest our bodies in preparation for labor. With hormone changes, morning sickness, and the change in appetite that comes with being pregnant, it also might be very tempting to do nothing but sit around and watch television all day. You may have heard of exercising during pregnancy being linked to… Read more →


Meditation & Exercise May Reduce Colds & Flu

In a remarkable study published in 2012 in the Annals of Family Medicine by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, researchers found that both exercise and meditation can reduce the severity and frequency of colds and flu, reducing episodes of illness by 50%. Researchers split 149 people, mostly white women with an average age of 59, into three groups. One group exercised… Read more →

Beyonce's body is celebrated for her curves, not her thinness.

How to Lose Belly Fat

The Waist Is All That Matters. Focus on your waist size and good things will follow. At least that’s what evolutionary psychologists find when studying male and female preferences in sexual partners. Regardless of the viewer’s gender or sexual preference, in Western cultures people generally prefer in men a narrow waist and broad shoulders (a low waist-shoulder ratio), and in… Read more →

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How to Exercise Through the Ages

The world of exercise and fitness is built around the assumption of periodic bursts of exercise rather than long-term fitness. That’s probably because there’s more money to be made (and marketing appeal) in short-term programs, rapid transformations and crash diets than in sustainable long-term practices. But one’s long-term practice is more important than any short-term transformation.  That’s why we at… Read more →

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Tips on Knee Pain

The largest joint in our body, the knee is vulnerable to many injuries and ailments. Some knee injuries are sports induced, like torn ligaments, while  others result from normal aging. It can be painful and annoying, but knee pain should never prevent us from staying in shape. Here are some tips for avoiding knee pain and exercising despite it. To… Read more →

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Exercise Can Heal Broken Bones

If you’ve ever broken a limb, your instinct may be to avoid exercising or stressing that limb long after it heals. You may avoid push ups because of a fractured wrist, or maybe you don’t run because you once broke your femur. If this is true for you, please reconsider: exercise can make those fragile bones stronger. When exercising, bones… Read more →


The Best Exercise in the World?

It’s probably the Burpee. The Burpee is an excellent full-body movement that engages large muscle groups, builds balance, strength, and endurance all at once. It can be used as a warm-up or the only move in a day’s exercise routine. Aim to do at least 15 burpees in a row without stopping. This intense, if mildly torturous exercise, has been… Read more →

Water is Overrated

It’s heresy in the world of sports to belittle water, especially when we know the terrible impact of sugary sports drinks, sodas, and juices that try to replace it. But the fact remains that the prescribed 8 glasses a day and even more while exercising has murky origins and scant evidence to support it. A Brief History of Dehydration In… Read more →

Exercise Relieves Constipation

The promise of more regular and comfortable bowel movements is a wonderfully potent addition to the already-long list of reasons to exercise. Exercise, along with a high-fiber diet and regular fluid intake, is a proven cure for most cases of constipation. Running, sprinting, doing aerobic movements, workouts like Power 20, and even weight lifting all cause food to pass through… Read more →

How to Think Your Way to Better Health

To get the most out of your diet and exercise plan, you have to first believe in its efficacy and in your ability to improve as a result of it. The more you believe, the better the outcome. Doctors call this mysterious mind-body connection the “placebo effect.” In 2008, Dr. Ellen Langer, a Harvard psychologist, found that she could make… Read more →

How To Live Longer

In 2009 a medical team won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for solving part of the mystery of human mortality. They discovered that telomeres, which are part of our DNA and which shorten as we age, can actually be repaired. Longer telomeres might lead to longer lives. What Are Telomeres?  Every cell in our body has a nucleus… Read more →

You Don’t Need To Stretch Before Doing Power 20

When you do Power 20 workouts, you’ll notice that there’s no stretching before, after, or during the workout. When you start doing Power 20 workouts, just get right into it.  The first few movements are designed to warm you up, so there’s no need to  warm up either. We apply recommendations from the latest studies showing that static stretches (holding a position)… Read more →