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Why Quick Daily Workouts Work

Who do you think will become a better piano player: the person who practices intensely for five-hours straight once a month, or the person who practices 10 minutes every day? This is how exercise is like playing the piano. The more frequently we exercise, the better our bodies respond. 20-minute workouts keep you healthy without compromising your immune system. That… Read more →

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Five Tips For Healthy Hydration

As important as food is to fueling our bodies, water is vital to sustaining many of our bodies’ operations. Our blood is 92% water, our brains and muscles 75%, and our bones 22%. Water plays a role in lubricating our joints, keeping our body temperature normal, cushioning our spinal cord, and removing waste from out bodies. So how much water… Read more →


Best Tools For Keeping A Food Diary

If you find yourself struggling to make healthful choices most of the time when it comes to eating, keeping track of your food intake might help.  A 2008 study of 1,700 overweight or obese participants found that the more participants kept track of their food intake using a food diary, the more weight they lost. As a written record of… Read more →

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Yes, You Should Exercise While Pregnant

Many of us think of pregnancy as a time to rest our bodies in preparation for labor. With hormone changes, morning sickness, and the change in appetite that comes with being pregnant, it also might be very tempting to do nothing but sit around and watch television all day. You may have heard of exercising during pregnancy being linked to… Read more →