These resources go well with the Power 20 Method.

Reading these books and using these products can enhance your experience with the Power 20 Method. Click the images below to find each product on Amazon.

The sugar cleanse:

Drink green tea each morning. This is the highest quality matcha green tea we have found thus far. To get the benefits ascribed to green tea one must drink many, many cups a day or drink a concentrated form of green tea. We recommend Matcha Green Tea because it’s concentrated, convenient, and tastes great. It’s one of Amazon’s top-selling products for a good reason.

Read this to understand the effects of sugar.  Why We Get Fat teaches us exactly how and why fat cells grow, and how it’s related to the meteoric worldwide rise in diabetes. You’ll understand how hormones impact our bodies and you’ll see why the old framework of calories in vs. calories out is an inaccurate view of the body. Read this book and you will have no trouble adhering to the Power 20 Method’s sugar cleanse.

Learn about how our wheat has changed. Wheat Belly will open your eyes to the dangers of today’s “healthy” whole wheats. Most of the bread and pasta we eat today is derived from a new form of wheat called Dwarf Wheat, according to the author of Wheat Belly. Dwarf Wheat has been genetically modified to yield more per acre and resist insects. Unintended side effects include addictiveness, a higher glycemic index, and an increase in irritable bowel syndrome among wheat eaters.


Read this to learn about the mystical side of meditation. Meditation gurus have long claimed that years of practice can give way to superpowers like clairvoyance and telepathy among practitioners. Dr. Dean Radin applies the scientific method to test these claims, and breaks taboo within Western science in reporting his results. If you want to get more than better focus and lower stress from your meditation, read this to see the possibilities.

Take your meditation to the next level. When you’ve finished a month of meditating and can comfortably get through two sessions of 20 minutes, you’ll probably want to take meditation to the next level. The path towards enlightenment is paved with the mantra meditation, but can be accelerated in the techniques described in Advanced Yoga Practices by Yogani. We at Power 20 Method follow AYP’s practices and we cannot recommend this strongly enough. The ebook and physical book are convenient ways learn the lessons, but the content is available for free at


Read this to learn about weightlifting technique. Deadlifts, squats, cleans, and other seemingly advanced weightlifting moves (which happen to be some of the most effective) are all explained in detail in Mark Rippetoe’s cult classic, Starting Strength. No one would accuse Rippetoe of trying to win literary awards, but the book does an excellent job of instructing weightlifters of all levels on how to perfect their form.

At work:

Get a standing desk at work. Standing at work has many well-documented benefits. At Power 20, we use and recommend this product by Furinno, even though it was originally marketed as a laptop tray for the bedside. It’s ideal for mounting a laptop.  If you use a desktop computer, consider this setup instead.

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