Update Your Power 20 Apps Now

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Have you downloaded the most recent version of Power 20? In January 2016 we made it easier to record your workouts, made the app launch faster, and reduced the amount of memory it takes up on your device.


Log in with your Facebook account.

There’s no need to create a username or remember a password. Power 20 uses a one-click Facebook login to create your account. Power 20 can record your workout history once you’ve logged in.


See your workout history.

To get the most out of Power 20, try do the workout at least 4 days a week, or 16 times within 30 days.

Workouts are recorded as “done” when they last more than 5 minutes. Skipping through workouts quickly will unlock new workouts (in the paid apps), but won’t add to your history.


Use any Power 20 app.

You might do the Better Butt app on one day and the Amazing Abs app the next. Both will be recorded in the history as long as you log in.

The apps now download faster and take up less space on your device.

We’ve sped up the download time while also making the app take up less memory. This was one of the most common concerns voiced by users.

Rate & review Power 20 in the App Store.

starsRatings and reviews help apps move up in the app store rankings. Every rating and review helps. See all our apps here for links to the App Store and Google Play.


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