You’re busy and you’re not an idiot. You need a simple way to live long and healthy. But you also know it won’t be easy.

Use Power 20′s efficient workout apps and follow the steps on this site to eat clean, sleep deeper, manage stress, and have more energy.  If you’re overweight, you’ll slim down quickly. This works for everyone at every age.

Experience the multiplier effect.

Each component of Power 20 is a beneficial on its own. But when done together, the benefits have a multiplier effect on one another. For example, exercise is great for reducing stress, but adding meditation and regular sleep can profoundly change how the brain is wired to process stress. Anyone can get healthy over time by exercising and eating right, but doing the Power 20 Method all at once makes powerful transformations both faster and more obvious.

You can start right now.

There’s a lot of content on this site. You don’t have to read it all before you begin. Glance over the first two paragraphs of each page now and refer back to this site as you go.  Sign up for the Power 20 health tips to get the latest info on how best to do the method. We suggest starting with meditation right away.

It’s ok if you don’t do everything at once.

While these components have a multiplier effect, you can pace yourself to add components as you feel ready to. Don’t be hard on yourself. We plan to be here for a long time so, when you’re ready, come back to us to add new components.





Ready to see holistic change in your life? Let’s get started with Meditation.

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