How to hypnotize yourself to achieve crazy feats in life

Boxer Kevin McBride used self-hypnosis to ultimately knock out Mike Tyson.

Boxer Kevin McBride used self-hypnosis to defeat Mike Tyson.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool everyone should use.

Imagine being able to instantly reprogram yourself to hurt less, have less anxiety, form a new habit, or get work done without getting distracted online… Wouldn’t that be great?

Well, you absolutely can reprogram yourself through self hypnosis. A Practical Guide To Self Hypnosis by Melvin Powers teaches you how to do it right. You can read it in one day and implement the learnings immediately. Or you can read this blog post.

Click the image to get the book. It’s free on kindle.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a combination of commands and visualizations that induce a natural trance state. When in the trance, the hypnotized person is better able to focus. He is more open to suggestion because he puts more effort into following instructions than into questioning the premise. Hypnosis and the trance state are not, however, always peaceful. Consider the veteran suffering from PTSD who panics each time a car backfires. He is in a trance induced by the sound, and it’s not fun. That’s how powerful hypnosis can be.

The more you do it, the faster and more effective it is.

The more frequently you follow the same hypnosis script, the faster and deeper your trance will set. The process involves reciting a script to yourself while seeing yourself travel through space to a more peaceful realm.  You’ll be repeating a mantra, like “sleep deeper” as you visualize. Over time, the trance can set in within seconds.

How to hypnotize yourself:

  • Lie down comfortably and fix your eyes on a point on the ceiling. It should be slightly behind you, causing your eyes to strain as you look at it.
  • Breath slowly and deeply.
  • Repeat out loud or mentally “sleep” as you inhale, and “deep sleep” as you exhale. Do this for a few minutes until you start feeling drowsy.
  • Suggest to yourself that you close your eyes.
  • Deepen the hypnotic state by counting. “As I count to three, I shall go deeper into a profound, hypnotic state; I will be more relaxed on the count of three.” Repeat versions of this to yourself a few times.
  • Count to three, repeating the command with each count: “one… getting more relaxed. Two… deeper relaxation…Three… totally relaxed, in a hypnotic state.”
  • Once hypnotized, you can use this counting method to program yourself to do all sorts of things, including carrying those commands into everyday life. Longer counts can help. Some examples:
    • “On the count of ten, my right arm will feel weightless and will rise up on its own. One… getting lighter…”
    • “On the count of ten, I will be more loving towards my family and friends.”
    • “When I wake on the count of ten, I will continue to be more loving to my family and friends.”
    • “On the count of ten, I will forgive my friend completely.”
    • “On the count of ten, I will no longer have a headache.”

It takes practice to regularly hypnotize yourself. You can test the depth of your hypnosis with physical tests like the weightless arm. Other test include making your eyelids heavy, giving yourself an uncontrollable urge to swallow, making limbs feel heavier, or feeling tingling sensations in your hands. If you can’t induce any of these effects, be patient. You may need to spend more time in the initial “sleep / sleep deeper” phase, and lengthen the counts for each command.

Another key to going deeper is to use visual-imagery. Along with the count, “see” yourself walking down stairs with each count, taking an elevator, or riding an escalator.

Useful daily tasks that can be improved with hypnosis

You can use a quick hypnosis session before starting a task. These include:

  • Enhancing your focus before a time-consuming tasks like coding or spreadsheet work
  • Boosting your confidence before an important meeting
  • Reducing anxiety before public speaking
  • Strengthening your will to exercise every day
  • Helping yourself adhere to a tricky diet
  • Programming yourself to stay cool in case you have an argument
  • Forgiving people and yourself
  • Reducing your road rage

Use Hypnosis to improve your your meditation

Once in a hypnotically-induced trance, you can begin a mantra for meditation. Your meditation will be deep and peaceful, and you will feel the effects of that meditation almost right away.

Guided meditationTry the Power 20 hypnosis track for daily exercise and diet adherence.

Listen to these guided meditation tracks to help you fall asleep and to visualize a successful day. These can be used as part of the Power 20 Method or on their own.


Good luck, and let us know how it goes in the comments section.

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  • haylee

    this boy logan just did it to himself and fell asleep

  • Michelle Purkiss

    To anyone who is interested in hypnosis; I am just commenting because over the past year I have learnt how to hypnotize both myself and other people. It is an extremely empowering subject and I have learnt hypnosis to a point now where I can very often get people to do exactly what I want them to do depending if they are a suggestive person or not.

    Learning hypnosis takes a bit of trial & error which I was able to do on my husband and friends, but I would highly recommend the ‘Power Of Conversational Hypnosis Guide’ seen at the following link:

    solutionwax*com/hypnosis (obviously change the * for a dot as it won’t let me post links here) Everything I know is thanks to that guide. There are many different kinds of hypnosis as you will find out but it is the perfect starting point for most types of hypnosis anyway \

  • Mel

    I will try to night, and tell you tomorrow,Thanks!!…

  • Cody

    You lied

  • Ruth

    Is it okay to listen to music while falling asleep??

  • Rocky Balbwa

    he’s still asleep and his family think he’s in coma

  • jack


  • Katrina Hill

    Are you serious

  • Barry Allen

    he hypnotized himself to never wake up

  • samantha b


  • Aidan Cagle

    It cleared my mind and reset me but i still didn’t try to achieve the goals

  • Emerson

    Is it okay to look at the screen for the words?

  • Shanette Fox

    someone hypnotize me against my will, I hope karma will get to them

  • Anonymous

    Sorry to say, but it’s impossible for one to hypnotize another against their wil.

  • Jesse

    Is it possible to hypnotize yourself into forgetting a memory or a person?

  • Joshua Porch

    To “Anonymous” in response to Shannette Fox, people CAN be hypnotized against their will if the person is drugged and confined, like being strapped to a bed or chair. The CIA, Nazi’s and other evil people have done so much of this stuff throughout history it’s not funny! Hypnosis can be great and effective in the right hands, but it’s one of those things where proper precautions are KEY!

  • Joshua Porch

    I’m going to record myself speaking these things, going through a whole guided hypnosis script, inserting what I want to program myself with, and then listen to this recording with headphones while following along, that way I don’t have to worry about trying to remember the script all in my head. Though I don’t necessarily recommend this to anyone who doesn’t have proper knowledge and safety in this area, I may consume a low to medium dose of a hypnotic drug (legally) to aid this process… just to see if it will make it seep into my subconscious more effectively than doing it without the drug.

  • Anon

    Sure, you can maybe get hypnotized against your will in THAT scenario, but you cannot be forced to do anything that doesn’t morally agree with you. If you do it, and you’re on drugs, then it’s just the drugs’ doing.

  • MetsFan

    What drug did you use? Which drugs typically best aid the hypnosis process?

  • Reply

    Nope. My close friend have been hypnotized before, the bastard hypnotized her to go to the atm and drain up all her savings. When she come to conciousness she was at a nearby mall and her last memory she had was crossing the road.. happened to a few of our friends too..

  • Oicity

    That sounds a lot more like a drugging. Or… Fiction. Even if you could hypnotize someone to drain their savings… The odds of being able to do it to your other friends too… They would all have to have the lowest, rock-bottom will power. This isn’t the movie Get Out

  • Oicity

    Surprisingly yes, in a sense. But not without causing some unfortunate mental issues along the way, i.e. repressed memories and issues that surface later to disastrous results. If something bad happened, just try and come to peace with it. It’s the best option for your mind. I wish the best for you!

  • Anonymous

    What mental issues would I cause?

  • Lord Fufu

    Is it possible to hypnotize yourself to become more motivated? If the hypnotic suggestion is too vague, would it work? Or do you have to do a step by step thing.

  • Sojourner Sojourner

    Joshua Porch, I agree. Indeed I think that it happens even today in Western democratic countries.

  • Power 20

    Yes, you definitely can. The key is the suggestion, as you’ve surmised. One suggestion that may work is to focus on the exact task at hand. If the motivation is to spend the next hour, for example, improving your resume, then sit yourself down and during the prompts, both visualize yourself working on the resume, and tell yourself that you will spend the full hour working on it. Be as specific as possible.

  • Callum

    Can you hypnotise yourself to forget about certain memories or people?