How to Create New Year Resolutions

 Resolving to exercise more this year? Here’s how to make resolutions for lasting change.  If only we could bottle up January 1′s motivation and take swigs throughout the year. Motivation, for it’s inconsistency, is an unreliable ally in our quest for better living. Rules, on the other hand, help us form habits and reduce our thinking to increase our chances… Read more →


How To Dominate The Holidays

The holiday season is here, and for many of us, that means we’ll spend a week or more skipping breakfast, snacking all day, eating big dinners, and staying up late drinking. We’re not our best selves under these conditions. At the same time, we spend lots of time with family members who might not be easy to deal with. So… Read more →


Get Better Scores By Exercising Before Exams

A brief, vigorous workout just before taking an exam can meaningfully improve test scores because memory, creativity and alertness improve measurably right after exercise. It’s well-known fact that staying fit through exercise is good for our brains. Regular exercise, especially aerobic exercise, leads to a larger hippocampus and basil ganglia region. These regions may work together to support thinking and… Read more →


Meditation & Exercise May Reduce Colds & Flu

In a remarkable study published in 2012 in the Annals of Family Medicine by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, researchers found that both exercise and meditation can reduce the severity and frequency of colds and flu, reducing episodes of illness by 50%. Researchers split 149 people, mostly white women with an average age of 59, into three groups. One group exercised… Read more →

Thanks to a constellation of factors, Americans  have been gaining weight for over 100 years. 
Source: http://www.voxeu.org/article/100-years-us-obesity

The Obesity Pandemic: Over 70 Years In The Making

Contrary to popular belief, the obesity epidemic has been slowly and steadily building for over 70 years. By looking at BMI changes since 1882, researchers discovered the  pandemic’s roots stretch back to at least the 1950s, and likely much earlier. A constellation of cultural factors are at play. The inventions that define the post-industrial way of life all play roles… Read more →


This Is The Closest Thing To Scientific Consensus On What We Should Eat.

“Everything in moderation” is a common refrain among nutritionists, doctors, foodies and parents. They, along with most of America, believe excluding entire food groups is extreme. And there’s evidence to support this view because we can find positive attributes in almost any food we eat. And yet this widely-accepted prescription has led us to an extreme place: one in three… Read more →

Beyonce's body is celebrated for her curves, not her thinness.

How to Lose Belly Fat

The Waist Is All That Matters. Focus on your waist size and good things will follow. At least that’s what evolutionary psychologists find when studying male and female preferences in sexual partners. Regardless of the viewer’s gender or sexual preference, in Western cultures people generally prefer in men a narrow waist and broad shoulders (a low waist-shoulder ratio), and in… Read more →

Boxer Kevin McBride used self-hypnosis to ultimately knock out Mike Tyson.

How to hypnotize yourself to achieve crazy feats in life

Hypnosis is a powerful tool everyone should use. Imagine being able to instantly reprogram yourself to hurt less, have less anxiety, form a new habit, or get work done without getting distracted online… Wouldn’t that be great? Well, you absolutely can reprogram yourself through self hypnosis. A Practical Guide To Self Hypnosis by Melvin Powers teaches you how to do it right.… Read more →


How to become a fashion minimalist

Clothing can be a source of stress, and since we at Power 20 are in the business of saving you time while reducing your stress and improving health, we’ve researched ways to simplify the daily struggle of figuring out what to wear. Peaceful monks and powerful people have two things in common: they spend many hours alone toiling away at… Read more →


Spend Time In The Sun

In most parts of the world it’s summer time again, so if there’s one very easy thing you can do to impact your mood and overall health, it’s get a little sun. Exposure to the sun helps reduce cancer, improves nighttime sleep, and boosts mood. Humans are solar-powered. The benefits that come from sun exposure include: Vitamin D production, which… Read more →


How to Fall Back in Love

Do you want to fall in love again? Do you want to once again feel butterflies whenever you see your lover? Do you want to put passion back into your sex life? If yes, then we have a solution for you. But it will only work if you can convince your partner to spend an hour with you listening to… Read more →

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How to Exercise Through the Ages

The world of exercise and fitness is built around the assumption of periodic bursts of exercise rather than long-term fitness. That’s probably because there’s more money to be made (and marketing appeal) in short-term programs, rapid transformations and crash diets than in sustainable long-term practices. But one’s long-term practice is more important than any short-term transformation.  That’s why we at… Read more →

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The Secrets of Sugar – A CBC Documentary

Watch this video to see why the Power 20 Method is designed to wean us off sugar. In this video you’ll hear scientists describe Alzheimer’s as diabetes of the brain. Researchers find that sugar literally feeds cancer cells. And the sugar industry, which has known about sugar’s harmful effects for years, has waged a big-tobacco-style war to spread misinformation and… Read more →

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Why We Get Fat

Americans exercise. We go on diets. We have been doing both for decades, and yet as a nation we’ve been getting fatter every year. We invented gyms, popularized marathons, created the home exercise culture, and with Crossfit, Tough Mudder, and P90X, we continue to conjure up new ways to exercise. Sports remain an integral part of the American education, and… Read more →