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  • Arshad Chowdhury

    Can I do workouts other than the Power 20 workout during the month-long Power 20 Method program?

  • Arshad Chowdhury

    What kinds of results are people reporting after doing the program?

  • Arshad Chowdhury

    Do I have to sit a certain way while meditating?

  • Arshad Chowdhury

    The app isn’t launching for me. What should I do?

  • Power 20

    If the app is not launching properly, try this fix:

    - uninstall, then reinstall the app when you have access to fast wifi.
    - Open the app, and, while staying in one place, let all the assets download.

    The first download time should be about 90 – 120 seconds, but varies based on your internet connection.

  • Power 20

    Our friend Samai tried the Power 20 Method. I asked her some questions about the experience and here’s what she said:

    Age, height and weight before Power 20 Method: 29 years; 5’2″; 64 kilos

    Weight after: 59.3 kilos

    1. What kinds of changes in your body did you see after doing the Power 20 Method? Did your measurements change?

    I had a lot of weight to lose, and I was definitely leaner at the end of the program. I’d literally lost inches off of my body, particularly around my waist.

    2. How long did it take to start seeing changes?

    I’d forced myself not to hop on the scales every day and to only check once a week. So when I finally did at the end of the first week, I’d noticed that I’d dropped nearly 2 kilos. The weight dropped off a lot quicker towards the beginning of the program than towards the end.

    3. Were there other changes beyond physical?

    I had more energy, slept better and was generally, a lot less stressed.

    4. What, if any, new habits did you develop?

    I used to have to have juice every day. After a month, and even now, I find that my cravings have reduced significantly. I don’t even think about reaching for the juice at the supermarket aisle. The sleep aid has also become my tool of choice for winding down at bed time.

    5. Which part of the program did you like most?

    The Power20 workouts. It was easy to build into the day; I could do it anytime, anywhere, with anyone. Even if I’d had a long and tiring day, and had little energy or inclination to do a workout, I’d force myself to start the app. And 20 minutes later, I felt more energised. I also noticed that if I did my workout after I got home from work, when I’m most tired and hungry, the exercise would significantly reduce my hunger pangs and tendency to snack. In the past, I’d baulk at the prospect of lugging myself for hour long sessions at the gym. I’m now more inclined to work out daily knowing that it’ll only take 20 minutes. There really are no excuses for not working out now that I’ve been introduced to Power20.

    6. Which part did you like least?

    Cutting out carbs and being mindful of sugar intake. During busy work weeks particularly, it’s hard to plan meals ahead and not indulge in takeaways or prepare easy, go to comfort food like pasta and rice. We also had to comb over the ingredients lists on products at the supermarket aisle to make sure the products (e.g. yoghurt) weren’t full of sugar. Eating out and social gatherings were hard to accommodate. While the diet isn’t impossible to follow, it’s the only element of the program that is hard to sustain.

    7. What do you recommend we do to improve the program?

    Provide a platform of support for those who’d like to adopt the program on a more long term basis. I continued on with some elements of the program for about a few weeks after the initial 4 weeks had ended, but I’d reintroduced some carbs into my diet, as it was more convenient.

    8. What would you say to someone considering doing the program?

    DO IT! It’s quite easy to adopt into a busy lifestyle. It’s a great program to help you get onto a healthier lifestyle, and once you’re off the program, just be mindful of some of the healthy habits you’ve picked up while on the program and try and integrate it into everyday life.

  • Power 20

    Of course you can do other workouts, but the Power 20 app’s workouts are designed to work with the overall program. That is, they are high-intensity interval training workouts (HIIT), the kind that have been shown in clinical studies to trigger a better insulin response. These will help you get slim and stronger faster.

    If you do try other workouts, we recommend focusing on HIIT workouts that are both brief and intense.

  • Power 20

    The crossed-legged, upright posture is useful in more advanced yoga, but even then there are work-arounds if you can’t sit with your legs crossed. Just sit upright in a way that’s comfortable, but not so comfortable that you’ll fall asleep.

  • Jessica Crystal

    What if available food is out of my control (staying in a work camp)? Will this still work if I can only control my diet to a certain point? (No organic food here!!)

  • Power 20

    Hi Jessica – Food is really important, but the key here is limiting sugar. So even if your meals are being served to you, try to avoid food with added sugars, like sodas.

  • gerald koh

    love your program, it has touched the hearts of my family and I.

  • Power 20

    We’re glad to hear it, Gerald! Are you following the diet as well as doing the exercises?

  • Rachel Weisserman

    I cannot get the app to intialize. I have uninstalled and redownloaded it multiple times. I am using a relatively quick WiFi connection that works for all other apps on my phone, but it refuses to download the updates needed to start the program. I am eager to use this method! Has anyone else had this problem?

  • Power 20

    Hi Rachel,

    Sorry you’re having trouble with the app! We emailed you about this.

    Power 20

  • michelle

    when is the best time to do the power 20 workouts? is there any preferred time of the day?

  • michelle

    also! do you recommend adding supplemental cardio into the power 20 routine? such as running? or are the power 20 workouts all that are needed when trying to lose weight/get toned and fit?

  • Power 20

    Hi Michelle,

    Some research concludes that afternoon is the best time ( and other research says it’s morning:

    Our opinion is that the best time is whenever you can do it, so long as you do it.

  • Power 20


    So long as the Power 20 routine you are doing is sufficiently intense (causing you to sweat, have an elevated heart rate, and breath hard), you’ll be getting a cardio workout and you won’t need any other exercise.

    Yes, you can use Power 20 to lose weight and get toned, but the key is to follow the right diet. Check out The Power 20 Method ( for the full system of using Power 20 apps to lose weight.

  • michelle

    Thanks so much for answering! I’m not sure if you got my email as well; asking about if the “power 20″ workouts (if doing them 5 to 7 times a week as you posted in an earlier blog post) would help me lose inches and fat on my thighs/hips as that is where most of my weight is being held? I have my diet in check; i’m just wondering if doing these workouts would help in slimming my thighs/hips?

  • Power 20

    Everyone loses fat and builds muscle at a different rate, and it is almost impossible to reduce weight in one part of the body without losing it elsewhere at the same time. But yes, if you’re doing the Power 20 workouts, eating a whole food, plant-based diet (eating almost no meat, no dairy, no processed foods), then you will see results and will lose weight.

    However, there are lots of variables that can get your way. Being sedentary for most of the day, even if you exercise, will make it hard to lose weight. Alcohol also gets in the way. So it all depends on your commitment to a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

  • Kelly

    The app is struggling to reach the server and I am unable to use the app now. Is this issue being resolved?? Thanks

  • Power 20

    This problem has been resolved! Try again, and sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Juliana Campos

    The app is struggling to reach the server and I am unable to use the app now. Please assist.

  • Christine

    I’m having the same issues. Just bought yesterday and still not working today. Very frustrating. Got no response from them yet

  • Beadcrazy

    I am having the same problem!

  • Beadcrazy

    No the problem isn’t resolved!

  • Power 20

    Hi there – this issue was resolved several months ago. Sorry for the slow response, but I hope you were able to get it going again!