NEW 7minWorkOut Logo7-Minute Workout By Power 20

When you’re extremely short on time and you don’t have even 20 minutes, try our take on the scientific 7-minute workout. Choose between cardio, strengthening, and blended workouts.



The best 7-minute workout app available.

  • Guided 7-minute workouts.
  • No thinking; just go!
  • Choose 1, 2, 3, or 4 rounds of 7-min workouts.
  • Cardio, strengthener, or blended workouts available.
  • Finish one workout to unlock the next.

Based on research.

As reported in The New York Times, researchers at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario have shown that high intensity exercising for just seven minutes can result in molecular changes in the muscle similar to longer bouts of running or cycling. For the exercises to be effective, they must be performed at high intensity for brief periods of time, followed by short rests.

How it works:

Power 20′s 7-Minute Workout is extremely simple to use. First, select the number of 7-minute bouts you want to do. This is important because, while 7 minutes is good, research also shows that longer durations of exercise have additional benefits. Second, choose a workout. There are three styles:  standard, cardio, and strengthener. Third, put the phone on the floor or on a table, click start, and follow the cartoon character as she guides you through the movements.

Good to know:

  • These exercises are intense and should be done by experienced exercisers
  • You’ll need a chair you can stand on and a wall you can lean against.
  • The exercises labeled “Alternating” require left and right side movements to count as one. For example, when it asks you to do 10 alternating lunges, you’ll have to do 10 on each side.
  • You can access just the standard workout the the free app; the paid app gives you access to all of the movements.

Let us know how you like it by reviewing the app in the app store and by dropping us a line at the Power 20 forum.


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