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Live Better With Butter

Butter has been wrongfully implicated as a dangerous food capable of causing heart disease. As a result of decades of misguided public policy, millions of people have avoided this healthy food. The result? As butter consumption dropped, heart disease has risen. But in a recent major paradigm shift in the medical world, doctors are reluctantly beginning to acknowledge that they… Read more →

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Tips on Knee Pain

The largest joint in our body, the knee is vulnerable to many injuries and ailments. Some knee injuries are sports induced, like torn ligaments, while  others result from normal aging. It can be painful and annoying, but knee pain should never prevent us from staying in shape. Here are some tips for avoiding knee pain and exercising despite it. To… Read more →

The ancient practice of meditation can fight modern problems of Alzheimer's and dementia.

Fight Off Dementia and Alzheimer’s With Meditation

When researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center trained patients with mild dementia to meditate, the patients showed “significantly improved functional connectivity in the default mode network (DMN),”  after just 8 weeks. DMN is the brain system related to remembering the past and envisioning the future. Beyond this, meditators showed slower shrinking of the hippocampus than non-meditators with similar levels… Read more →

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Exercise Can Heal Broken Bones

If you’ve ever broken a limb, your instinct may be to avoid exercising or stressing that limb long after it heals. You may avoid push ups because of a fractured wrist, or maybe you don’t run because you once broke your femur. If this is true for you, please reconsider: exercise can make those fragile bones stronger. When exercising, bones… Read more →


The Best Exercise in the World?

It’s probably the Burpee. The Burpee is an excellent full-body movement that engages large muscle groups, builds balance, strength, and endurance all at once. It can be used as a warm-up or the only move in a day’s exercise routine. Aim to do at least 15 burpees in a row without stopping. This intense, if mildly torturous exercise, has been… Read more →

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How to Power Nap At Work

Mid-day naps can improve cognitive performance, speed reflexes and improve heart health. Unfortunately, only one in three people considers themselves a napper. We love napping at Power 20 and the Power 20 Method asks you to get adequate sleep, so here are some pro tips on how to nap. Nap for 20 minutes. Nap for much longer, and you’ll go… Read more →

How To Double Your Pull Ups By Power 20

How to Double Your Pull Ups

How to Double Your Pull Ups in Six Weeks Pull ups are the ultimate expression of one’s strength-to-weight ratio. Contrary to popular belief, men and women can both do pull ups, but men have an advantage because their muscle mass is generally greater. That shouldn’t stop anyone from doing pull ups, though. Defining the Pull Up:  Hang from a horizontal bar with palms facing outwards. With palms spread about shoulder… Read more →

This One Trick Will Improve Your Will Power.

It’s hard for many of us to stick to a daily routine of exercise and clean eating (or whatever routine we aspire to keep). And when our will power wains, we beat ourselves up by saying, “I really need to workout more,” or “I’ve been so bad recently,” or “I’m feeling lazy.” We put ourselves down. Try instead to rephrase… Read more →

What we’re doing here at Power 20

  Here at Power 20 we’re working to build the best-in-class apps for every genre of content-based exercise apps. We’re constantly improving on our simple formula for guiding people through workouts. We deliver the best possible workout given the medium people are using. Every user should have a good experience with Power 20, even if it’s their first time using… Read more →

Jerks Die Sooner, Suffer More Heart Attacks

Scientists have long sought to understand the link between personality and longevity. These studies are difficult to conduct, but thus far, evidence suggests that being conscientious, expressing emotions, extraversion, and feeling in control are all associated with longer lifespans. In 1993, 14,445 people aged 39 – 54 were categorized by personality and tracked over 12 years. Some died, and some… Read more →

Water is Overrated

It’s heresy in the world of sports to belittle water, especially when we know the terrible impact of sugary sports drinks, sodas, and juices that try to replace it. But the fact remains that the prescribed 8 glasses a day and even more while exercising has murky origins and scant evidence to support it. A Brief History of Dehydration In… Read more →

Exercise Relieves Constipation

The promise of more regular and comfortable bowel movements is a wonderfully potent addition to the already-long list of reasons to exercise. Exercise, along with a high-fiber diet and regular fluid intake, is a proven cure for most cases of constipation. Running, sprinting, doing aerobic movements, workouts like Power 20, and even weight lifting all cause food to pass through… Read more →

How to Think Your Way to Better Health

To get the most out of your diet and exercise plan, you have to first believe in its efficacy and in your ability to improve as a result of it. The more you believe, the better the outcome. Doctors call this mysterious mind-body connection the “placebo effect.” In 2008, Dr. Ellen Langer, a Harvard psychologist, found that she could make… Read more →

How To Live Longer

In 2009 a medical team won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for solving part of the mystery of human mortality. They discovered that telomeres, which are part of our DNA and which shorten as we age, can actually be repaired. Longer telomeres might lead to longer lives. What Are Telomeres?  Every cell in our body has a nucleus… Read more →

New iOS Versions Released This Week

New versions of Power 20 apps are being released over the next two weeks, with the first completed app being the Power 20 Fitness Trainer Pro (the full-body workout). The new Power 20 Apps are all being upgraded to work perfectly with the iPad and Mini, and has new features that help build the Power 20 community. For the first… Read more →

You Don’t Need To Stretch Before Doing Power 20

When you do Power 20 workouts, you’ll notice that there’s no stretching before, after, or during the workout. When you start doing Power 20 workouts, just get right into it.  The first few movements are designed to warm you up, so there’s no need to  warm up either. We apply recommendations from the latest studies showing that static stretches (holding a position)… Read more →

Research Supporting The Use Of Standing Desks

This post is for anyone looking for research to support switching to a standing desk. It’s also for anyone already using a standing desk but frequently encounters skeptics who fear varicose veins or atherosclerosis from standing. Like smoking, the consequences of sitting are not always countered by exercise. We’re not built to sit for hours at a time. Standing all… Read more →

Food Ideas

You don’t have to suffer because you’re eating a low-sugar diet. Below are some meal ideas for the chefs among us looking for inspiration. Eggplant Parm. Use coconut flour or almond flour instead of breadcrumbs. Pan-fried chicken breasts with mushrooms Fruit yogurt parfait     Read more →

Sleep & Weight Gain

This New York Times post in the Well section nicely summarizes the ways sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain. From the article: “The research showed that depriving people of sleep for one night created pronounced changes in the way their brains responded to high-calorie junk foods. On days when the subjects had not had proper sleep, fattening foods like… Read more →